A lovely blonde lady in a blue dress smiling

Who I Am

I spoke to a friend one day who was struggling with world events. She was frightened about their spiritual implications. That planted the seed in my heart, until one day, I could no longer ignore it.

My spiritual beliefs and connection to my faith guided me to my true purpose. It was then that I heard my calling and knew what I had to do.

Too often, I've known entertainers and others who wanted to do something different but felt stuck. They had no idea how to harness their business skills. In fact, most aren't even aware they have these skills.

From this, All Joy Inspired LLC was born. A subsidiary of Alura Jenson Inc, All Joy Inspired LLC was created to connect industry individuals with resources and encouragement, to become successful business owners.

All Joy Inspired creates hope, inspiring self-esteem, and JOY. Step-by-step, even the tiniest detail is addressed to make the transition beyond one's past possible, at your own pace, while establishing financial stability. All of this is done while nurturing emotional and spiritual joy about the decision.

This is my calling, this is my JOY. For all who want it, be inspired. My name is Elizabeth Spraggins, and I am no longer a shadow of Alura Jenson. Who I was made me who I am. What I'm doing makes me who I want to be. You can do the same.

Assistance With the Journey

I want to work with you to rethink your life. My tailored optimism approach will assist you in achieving your goals. I have great experience in life coaching and a long history of customer success.

Competence and Experience

I have the knowledge and resources to assist you in building the life you envision and regaining your sense of self because I am a qualified and experienced life coach.

Taking Action

It takes a lot of determination to commit to a healthier lifestyle because it is just that—a commitment. I promise to be accountable to you, to understand you, and to be there for you.


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